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This collection includes annotated transcriptions of yearly property tax digests from selected counties in South Georgia during the late nineteenth century. These records contain the names of property owners in a given county, and information detailing the quantities and valuation of real and personal estate (property). 

The transcriptions are partial, focusing on information particularly useful for historical and genealogical research. They include the following: 

  • Names of Property Owners, as recorded in the digests; notes and clarifications, based on our research, provided when possible. 

  • Name and Number of Militia District (GMD) in which each property owner resided. 

  • Total acreage of Land owned

  • Specific Land Lots (LL) and Land Districts (LD) in which land is owned. 

  • Total Value of Land owned. 

The collection is a work in progress, and will grow as more records are transcribed. The property tax digests for 1890 will be published first. 




Coffee (GA) 


Ware (GA) 

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